Bertie's Winter Accommodation at Corsehope Flyers

Winter for a Unimog

The Winter shooting at Corsehope Flyers has been a quiet season if you are a Unimog like me mainly due to the incessant rainfall we have had in the Scottish Borders or anywhere in the British Isles for that matter, to explain, it has been too wet under my tyres - I get that sinking feeling and then I get the spinning wheel syndrome which has meant I spent most days looking out at the horizontal rain from my accommodation. However I was lucky to spend some days down at Stow with that nice man Mr French, he is a lovely man, he spends time washing and polishing me ready to show me off. The months are moving on now & spring seems just around the corner with the first two Oyster catchers arriving in the second week of February which is early. Our thoughts are consequently turning to the summer, the diary is starting to get busy so Mr Boss will have to get his paint pot out again. Mrs Boss said that I was making funny noises which turned out to be a couple of small holes in my exhaust & so I am getting a patch or two after which I will be singing like a nightingale again.