A truly wonderful day out for friends, families, corporates & syndicates



We arrived at Corsehope in 1970, my Father was a sports enthusiast & wasted no time in planting very strategic Shelter Belts which over 54 years have rewarded us with some very challenging sport.
Corsehope is unique just 40 minutes from Edinburgh yet set in an incredibly beautiful area in the Moorfoot Hiils with breathtaking scenery.
We now have a contract farmer  who manage all their young stock on Corsehope comprising of Bulling Heifers & Hoggs which are used as replacements for their suckler herd & sheep flocks.
The idea of Simulated Game Days started in the spring of 2000, challenging times with Covid we managed to develop the idea & slowly bring the Corsehope Flyers enterprize on these past 2 years, shooting from May through to mid September, in the balmy days of spring & summer.

A typical Itinerary for your day

  • 9.00 am
    Meet at Corsehope Farmhouse for coffee and briefing
  • 9.30 am
    Set off for the first two drives
  • 11.30 am
  • 12.15 pm
    Last drive beforeLunch
  • 1.00 pm
    Lunch back at the Farmhouse
  • 2.15 pm
    Last two drives of the day
  • 4.15 pm
    Tea and medals back at the Farmhouse

The day includes coffee on arrival, luxury elevenses, buffet lunch and finally tea and farmhouse home baking. We can arrange a bespoke day to meet your individual needs whether it be a family, corporate or syndicate day we can help you plan your day.


As a well-known & established shooting Estate encompassing 2,000 acres the addition of Corsehope’s family run Simulated Game Days give you a unique day’s shooting replicating real driven Grouse, Pheasant, partridge, duck & rabbit shooting by substituting clays for birds that fly like the real thing in the real surroundings at a fraction of the cost. 


"I loved my days out at Corsehope - marvellous scenery and company - and Alex and Matt looked after us really well, the summer salads and drinks were marvellous, just what we needed during the course of the day. Full marks to them both for super organisation and hospitality!


Corsehope Flyers Simulated Game Shooting